Why you should never day trade?

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How to profit from the market?

Creating and implementing a trading strategy can be a complex and competitive endeavor. In an ideal world, financial markets would be perfectly efficient, with all assets being fairly priced at any given time based on all available information. However, real-life markets are not always 100% efficient, providing opportunities for traders to identify and exploit market inefficiencies.

Large institutional players, such as banks and hedge funds, have an advantage in this regard. They often have access to the brightest minds and the best hardware, as well as beneficial execution terms and large sets of data, including alternative data sources like social network scrapings and consumer behavior indicators.

What if I am not a professional trader?

It is unlikely that an average office worker, after his or her day job, will be able to compete with large institutional players by simply drawing lines on price charts and using technical indicators like resistance and support levels, RSI, and MA crossovers. In today's world, a successful trader needs to be using the latest technologies, such as machine learning and big data processing tools, to analyze a wide range of data types and automate own strategies.

For those who are not able to keep up with the fast-paced world of day trading, it may be better to focus on long-term value investments and diversified ETFs. This can still provide benefits from the markets while minimizing risk.

If you can't resist the temptation

For those who can't resist the allure of day trading, it is important to do it the right way. This means utilizing the latest technologies and alternative data sources, as well as having a user-friendly platform that combines standard algotrading features with the ability to easily build and test predictive models.

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Robobobo was created by traders and IT professionals who understand the need for better tools to compete in the market. We were also inspired by the GameStop case, which showed the power that retail traders can have when they work together. While such practices can be risky (and we would not recommend to participate in such trades especially for unexperienced traders with high leverage) - the very possibility of such a situation illustrates the changing reality of the financial markets, where the technology of information distribution and the availability of computing power are challenging the dominance of institutional players.

The key principles of successful trading

Robobobo was created to democratize automated day trading and provide equal access to tools and data for all traders.

The principles on which Robobobo is based include:

  • Providing access to alternative data sources, which can be critical for identifying market inefficiencies and making informed trading decisions
  • Making it easy for traders to build and test predictive models using machine learning and other advanced technologies
  • Combining standard algotrading features, such as backtesting and parameter optimization, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Creating a fun and engaging user experience, as many day traders are drawn to the activity not just for the potential profits, but also because it is a passion and a hobby

By bringing together these principles, Robobobo aims to level the playing field and allow retail traders to compete with the institutional players. By providing equal access to the latest technologies and data sources, as well as a user-friendly platform, Robobobo hopes to empower traders of all levels to make informed and successful trading decisions.

In addition, Robobobo incorporates a risk management system and offers a risk-free environment in a form of ongoing trading strategies competition where traders can test out new ideas and strategies. This can be a valuable resource for traders who want to experiment without risking their real capital.

And with a community-oriented approach, Robobobo provides a place where traders can share ideas, compete with each other, and potentially collaborate in the future to aggregate their efforts and create a powerful force that can compete with the institutional players.

By bringing together the latest technologies, alternative data sources, and a fun and engaging user experience, Robobobo aims to democratize automated day trading and give retail traders the tools they need to succeed.

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